Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Headlining Story

The New Yorker
       A Maniac Monster is Wreaking Havoc on the Townspeople in Central  Park.
It is May 5, 2014 12:30 pm eastern time in central park. A mighty minotaur is wreaking havoc on the townspeople in central park. It is assumed that the mighty beast is either hungry or it is just angry about something. For over the past hour police and military forces have been trying to control the beast without hurting it. The body count has not yet been decided but is said to be in the hundredths.
We will now go to a eye witness that had the first hand account of seeing the minotaur in action he is also the the first injured .His name is Tommy Shields.        ‘’ He came out of this alleyway and ran over some kids and  went into Central Park. I was mowing the lawn and I guess he got angry at my mower so he destroyed it and thats where the mower blade hit my leg almost cutting it off.’’ This is oh so certainly a frightful day in the state of New Jersey.

In another part of town  a women like creature attacks downtown New York.

In downtown New York a women if you want to call it a women is rising terror in the streets of  downtown New York. I'm getting word that she fights with stone and turns her victim into stone. Im also hearing that if you look into her eyes you’ll turn into stone. She doesn't seem to be a threat but we’ll try to talk to her in an  interview.
‘’I’m here  with  Medusa and Medusa what do you have to say about what you’ve done to the people of New York. I think it was in self defense because they taunted me about my snakes so I turned `them into my own personal stone statue.’’ You heard it hear first people medusa ruthless killer or innocent citizen.  

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